Cancer Screening

Cancer screening is routinely carried out at your dental health check, giving us the opportunity to detect any abnormal areas in your mouth that may need further investigation.

Facts about mouth cancer

  • More than 300 cases in Ireland every year
  • More common in men but the incidence in women is increasing every year
  • According to the National Registry in Ireland, on average half of all mouth cancers are diagnosed at an early stage
  • Late detection results in more complex treatment with a greater impact on quality of life and overall survival


How to ensure a healthy mouth

  1. Visit a dentist regularly, even if you wear dentures.
  2. When brushing, look for any changes in your mouth or neck. Early warning signs include ulcers that are not healing within 3 weeks, red or white patches in the mouth, or unusual changes in the mouth or neck.
  3. When exposed to the sun, use a high SPF barrier cream on your lips.
  4. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. A good diet rich in vitamins A, C and E helps the body to protect itself from most cancers.
  5. Avoid the risk factors for mouth cancer. These include –
    1. Smoking tobacco – cigarettes, roll-ups, cigars, pipes or cannabis
    2. Excessive alcohol consumption
    3. Using both tobacco and alcohol together – this greatly increases your risk
    4. Excessive exposure to sunlight or radiation
    5. Chewing tobacco, betelguid, gutkha and paan
    6. A diet lacking in fruit and vegetables
    7. Viral infections e.g. human papilloma virus (HPV)

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