Hygiene Visits

Our hygiene visits will keep your gums healthy with treatment plans individually tailored for each patient.

Hygiene visits involve thorough cleaning (scaling and polishing) of the teeth, which is tailored for each individual. Every mouth is different but in most mouths there is some degree of staining and tartar that will accumulate on the teeth over time and is difficult to remove at home. This is why the teeth should be routinely cleaned professionally.

In Family Dental Practice, your dentist will advise you on the treatment plan for your scale and polish. This treatment plan will take into consideration the degree of staining or tartar build up and the presence or absence of gum disease. For some patients we will use local anaesthetic or carry out the treatment over a number of visits to ensure that the treatment is always comfortable for the patient.

The frequency of your scale and polish varies for individuals and it is important for you to know how often you should be getting your teeth cleaned professionally.

The hygiene visit also encompasses radiographic assessment of the mouth for any changes due to periodontal disease (gum disease) and also instruction on how to maintain healthy teeth and gums at home which is again individual to each patient.

Hygiene visits help you to understand your mouth better; understanding the causes and contributing factors in gum disease and understanding about the role you play at home in maintaining a healthy mouth which in turn helps to keep the body healthy.

Your dental health check is an opportunity to discuss any concerns that you may have regarding your teeth. Many cosmetic issues that patients have with their teeth can often be corrected with relatively inexpensive and minor treatment plans such as cleaning, whitening, replacing old dark or stained fillings or replacing missing teeth.


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