Preventive Dental Care

Learn how to protect your teeth and gums to avoid problems from arising in the future. This is especially important for kids.

This involves giving each patient the information they need to understand how their diet, brushing or oral hygiene routine, habits such as grinding and lifestyle choices such as smoking or drinking can affect the teeth.

Preventive care also includes fissure sealants which seal the grooves in the tooth surface preventing food from sticking in these grooves or fissures, which in turn helps to avoid decay.
Regular scaling and polishing is an important preventive measure to protect the gums from gum disease.

Mouthguards are another important protective measure taken to avoid injury to the teeth, gums and jaw bones. Other preventive measures include advice regarding the use of fluoride, construction of night splints for people who grind or clench their teeth, oral cancer screening, smoking cessation advice and careful monitoring of any abnormal areas in the mouth or early spots of decay. In Family Dental Practice, we place a strong emphasis on preventive care with the long-term goal being to preserve the teeth in a healthy mouth.


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